Faux Wall & Floor

Added: March 27. 2013

When I made this tutorial I had absolutely no idea it would be pinned so much and become so popular. I thought just a couple photographer friends may see it! With that being said I get a lot of emails about it so wanted to post a couple things that I’ve answered in comments and emails.

1 – This is a heavy item. I would not use it if you are an on location photographer but it works great if you have a studio (home or elsewhere). Loading and unloading will loosen the nails causing sharp points and unevening of the wood panels.

2 – I would advise rather than using nails to use screws so they do not come loose over time. 2″ wood screws would work best

3 – You should never, ever, ever leave this unattended with a subject. Always have someone holding the top piece OR mount it to a wall. I would have a parent hold the top because it can shift which would be a safety hazard.

And lastly – I saw at Home Depot the other day very similar wood siding but as a whole piece. If you go this route make sure it can be stained (what I saw wasn’t real wood so it was not good for staining) BUT that may work great if you want to paint white then sand for a barnwood floor feel. Or if they have real wood siding pieces lucky you! Get that – stain and be done!

Have fun and here is the rest of the tutorial!

I posted photos of my faux wall and floor on Facebook and have received a LOT of messages asking how it was done, what the wood was, etc so I figured I’d just post a tutorial here so you all can PIN it and save it for later!

First things first – I am way too cheap to spend $100+ on a vinyl floor  and I prefer the look of real wood over the fake stuff. I wanted a real wood floor but also didn’t want it to be too heavy to move around. Although I do have a studio this is not too heavy and is portable if you shoot in client’s homes.

My first thought was to glue laminate flooring to plywood – that is until I picked up a box, did some measurements, realized how HEAVY it was and promptly headed to the lumber department at Home Depot to find something else. The lovely Rick at my local lumber yard was quite fascinated by my project and very helpful. Thanks Rick!

OK here is what you need to make TWO 5’x 4′ faux walls/floors

-1 1/2″ nails (you can use finishing nails, I didn’t because I always miss them and they never go in straight)
-Seven 10′ pieces of wood siding (yes for houses!)
-Three 8′ 2x2s
-A Hammer
-Stain or paint
– if you are staining you will also want a old sock + latex gloves
-About an hour of time

The total cost was just under $90, so $45 for each piece.

Have your lumber yard cut your siding in half so you have fourteen 5′ pieces. Of course you can go longer if you want – your choice. I happen to have a saw at home so I cut the 2 x 2’s myself but you can have them cut them if need be. You will want them to be 46″ in length and you will need six pieces (you will get two from each 2 x 2) Duh.

The rest of the lumber part I’m sure you can figure out from the photos. All you do is lay down the three 2 x 2’s. Lay your first board on the 2 x 2’s. Nail into place (I used 6 nails per board about 1.5″ from the edge). Interlock next board. Nail into place until you have done 7 boards.

Now all you have to do is stain or paint.

For staining I put on latex gloves then slip a sock over my hand. This is the easiest way to put stain on! (I totally borrowed this idea from the DIY show called “Rehab Addict” – LOVE that show!) Just dip your fingers into the stain and spread onto the boards.

Wait to dry.

Stand back and admire your awesome DIY abilities.

I would love to see how yours turns out – feel free to leave a comment with a link to a photo of yours so I can congratulate your awesomeness!

Here is this in use as a wall. I also made this little swing in less than 10 minutes.